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First Visit Info

When you come for your appointment please remember to obtain and bring the following:


  • Referral letter from GP, family physician or other doctor

  • Medicare card / DVA card

  • Private Hospital Insurance details

  • Copies of results, x-rays, MRI's. CT scans etc and any other relevant information

Please wear comfortable clothing and shorts (or other appropriate clothing) so that your knees can be examined during the consultation.

What to Bring to Surgery

Before your knee surgery with Dr. Shatrov:

  • Please bring all x-rays and MRIs related to your surgery, even if you have already shared them with Dr. Shatrov online. He will not be able to access them during surgery.

  • If you take regular medication, please bring it with you in the original packaging.

  • Pack toiletries and comfortable, loose clothing. Even if you are scheduled for day surgery, you may need to stay overnight.

  • Leave all valuables at home.

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